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When Will the Mortgage Party Be Over?

You probably know that mortgage rates change every day. When the market is volatile, lenders may even change their prices a couple of times during the day. There is a reason for this—and it’s not because some banker is throwing darts at a rate chart. Here’s how it really works. You have survived the ordeal…

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Help! My appraisal was too low!

There was a time when a mortgage originator would order appraisals from a trusted appraiser with whom he had worked before. Appraisers would visit loan officers, drop off their cards, chat with loan officers in an effort to build their “book of business.” When the mortgage meltdown began in late 2007 and gathered momentum through…

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A Risky (But Effective) Purchase Strategy

Pam and Martin Scarborough were discouraged. They were trying to buy their first home and had planned carefully for the undertaking: they had come to me for preapproval two months before. Their finances were well organized and I assured them that getting final approval on their mortgage would go smoothly once they had an accepted…

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Mortgage Insurance? No Way!

Charlie Dickerson sat in my office, his arms crossed in a don’t-try to-change-my-mind posture. “I am NOT paying any damn mortgage insurance,” he said for the third time. We had been discussing the purchase of his first home. He had managed to save up enough cash for a 10% down payment and closing costs on…

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A Mortgage Insurance Strategy for New Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner for the first time can be a daunting undertaking. You have to figure out where the money for your down payment is coming from. You have to decide what kind of mortgage you’ll qualify for. You have to get your finances in order. Then, when you are finally ready to venture into…

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