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Yeah, mortgage rates are higher. So what?

When Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke opened his mouth on Wednesday at his press conference, the market immediately tanked. He could have said, “Nice day, isn’t it?” and the market would have tanked as well, just not so quickly or profoundly. What do I mean by “profoundly?” I mean a loss of over three full points…

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What in the World Happened to Rates??!?

Just when we think we have a pretty good handle on where rates are headed, we discover that our beautiful meadow is really a minefield. (Sorry about the violent metaphor—but it definitely felt like that yesterday) You are probably aware that rates move up and down in response to the price of the bond market—specifically,…

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A Happy Home Buyer Story

Two big grins greeted me when I walked into the small conference room with loan documents under my arm. Amit, the buyer and Moti, her Realtor© had worked hard to get to this point. Moti had found a cabin for sale surrounded by trees and lots of land in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It needed…

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