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Sometimes all it takes is a phone call

My new client sat in my office with his wife and two school-aged children. They had saved enough cash for a substantial down payment and wanted a mortgage pre-approval. They were applying for a jumbo loan to buy their first home. The criteria for these programs are often more strict than for Fannie Mae and…

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The Appraisal Dartboard

My client was ecstatic. After making offers on five different properties, he had finally gotten an acceptance. He had prevailed over three competing offers because his offer was more than $20,000 above the asking price. I ordered the appraisal as soon as I got the purchase contract from the buyer’s Realtor®. I received it six…

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Missed Anniversary

Today, I discovered that an important milestone had gone by unnoticed. Two years and five days ago, my life abruptly changed. A small blood clot made its way through miles of veins and capillaries and lodged somewhere deep in the left side of my brain, flicking switches that were better left un-flicked. I had a…

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