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Staying Safe on the Long Run (Chronicles of Running)

All runners know that the foundation of training for a distance event like the marathon–and shorter distances as well–is the Long Run. “If you want to run fast, run far” is the time-honored advice. Two Sundays ago, as I set off on my then-longest run of 8.6 miles, those words resounded in my brain as…

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FHA Mortgage—The Wrong Choice?

The venerable FHA loan has been an important path to home ownership for moderate-income buyers since 1934, when it came into being as part of the National Housing Act. Since that time, some 35 million families have used the federally insured mortgage program to become homeowners with very small down payments. FHA became even more…

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Getting Real (Chronicles of Running)

Years ago, as I was embarking on a selling career, I learned that success involved setting goals—audacious ones. Even possibly unattainable ones. A “goal” that was like an Easy A class wouldn’t count; there has to be the real possibility of failure. I learned that this goal (sometimes called a BFHAG, for Big Fat Hairy…

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A Minor Improvement in FHA Mortgages

The FHA loan program has been in existence since 1934. It provides government support for low to moderate-income borrowers to buy homes, offering small down payments (currently 3.5%), low interest rates and flexible underwriting standards. These attractive features come with a price, however. The higher risk associated with the small down payment makes mortgage insurance…

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What Running Has Taught Me

Regular readers of this blog know that I had an epiphany of sorts two and a half years ago; the deadly combination of high blood pressure and high cholesterol led to what doctors called “a minor stroke.” Technically, it was a Temporal Ischemic Attack (TIA): a couple of microscopic clots flicking switches deep in my…

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